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Introducing a New Line of Spirits from Harlem’s First Family of Fashion

Harlem Haberdashery Bespoke Rum

Harlem Haberdashery Bespoke Gin

Harlem Haberdashery Bespoke Vodka


HH Bespoke Rum

Harlem Haberdashery Bespoke Rum is a truly unique blend of aged rums reminiscent of those produced in the 18th century. This expressive and distinctive spirit starts as Grade A molasses, which is then aged in both New American Oak and then once-used Bourbon barrels. The result is a distinct barrel rum extremely rich and complex in flavor, with hints of butterscotch, vanilla and other exotic notes that please the palate.


HH Bespoke Vodka

Harlem Haberdashery Bespoke Vodka is a super-premium vodka of exquisite quality, handmade in small batches using locally grown corn. With its crisp and clean taste, HH Bespoke Vodka is a perfect mixer for cocktails or a refreshing drink all by itself.


HH Bespoke Gin

Harlem Haberdashery Bespoke Gin is a remix on a traditional London Dry style gin, with moderate juniper flavors up front, which are balanced by an infusion of lavender, rose hip, beach plum and cranberry. Our gin mixes well with everything from a simple tonic water to stronger bitter or sweet flavors.